TSRSIZE—tableSPACE Region Size

The TSRSIZE parameter is an integer representing the amount of storage to be used for the TABLE SPACE REGION (TSR). Starting with Version 6, tableBASE uses Data Spaces for all TSRs, whether local or VTS. This ensures that tableSpace memory requirements do not affect other memory requirements in the region. The format for TSRSIZE is:

  • nnnnnnnn = bytes
  • nnnnnnnK = kilobytes
  • nnnnM = megabytes
  • nG = gigabytes

Value recommendations

The delivered default value for the TSRSIZE is 10M for all interfaces. The current minimum size of a TSR is 28 KB (but this may change in subsequent maintenance releases). The maximum size of a TSR is 2G (or 2048M or 2097152K). TSRSIZE only accepts up to eight digits, thus you cannot specify 2G as TSRSIZE=2147483648.

If you specify a value of 0, the minimum size will be substituted; if you specify a value of between 1 and the minimum, an error code will be returned.

Other considerations

If you are upgrading from an earlier release, you must ensure you are allocating enough space for all tables open simultaneously in the region. A conservative TSR size would be the sum of the prior release TSR size and the size of TBTSLIB (the Rollout library from Release 5).

If you are upgrading from an earlier tableBASE release, you can determine the current TSR size in one of two ways:

  1. use the LT command in a tableBASE driver program—batch program DK1TDRV / TBDRIVER, CICS transaction TBDR,
  2. browse strobe reports produced by your currently-installed tableBASE release.

Failure to set your TSR size parameter appropriately can produce the following error:

Error 92

There is insufficient tableSPACE region available. Increase TSR size.

  1. TSREGION and TSR parameters are maintained for backwards compatibility and are treated as equivalents to TSRSIZE.
  2. There is a possibility that your system programmers have established limits on the maximum size or the maximum number of Data Spaces. All local TSRs are allocated as SCOPE=SINGLE Data Spaces; VTS-TSRs are allocated as SCOPE=ALL Data Spaces.
  3. Starting with Version 6, batch applications have to use a TSR. If the TSRSIZE default of 10M is insufficient, the value that was in the REGION parameter can be used to estimate the value for TSRSIZE. For instance, if the REGION value was 32M or less, the batch job could have getmained up to 40M of space to hold tableBASE tables (32M above the line, and 8M below). If the REGION value was larger than 32M, the specified value plus 8M should be sufficient. Otherwise, see the recommendations above.

This option applies to the TSR created by this region/job and all users accessing it.

This option can be specified for all tableBASE Interfaces.