Defining the environment

All of the tables for the Plant application are stored on PLANTLIB, and those for the Finance application are stored on FINALIB. MAINLIB is reserved for administrative and application development. Each DDNAME points to a different tableBASE library.

Table 43 lists the application IDs that are required to address the security and organizational needs of the Organization.

Table 43. Application IDs and hypothetical organization

Application ID



Browse access to Plant tables for all employees.


Update and edit access to Plant tables.


Finance staff with update/edit access to Finance tables.


Technical support people with access to all tables.


Application developers with update access to the Application-Driving Tables library. Application developers will not be defining new applications and do not require access to the Application Control Table library.


the tableBASE administrator must be able to define new applications, therefore, the ADMN application requires update access to both the Application Control tables (on TBACTLB) and the application-driving tables (on TBAPPLB).

Since the applications PLTB and PLTE only differ in their access specifications, they will use the same application and the same starting menu.

The APPL and TECH application IDs will use the same menu table as the tableBASE administrator, but with a different starting menu.

The Menu tables, Command table, Help tables and other application-driving tables can be specific to each application or they may be shared by all applications. For this example, it is assumed that all application-driving tables will be shared, except the Menu table. There will be Menu tables for each of the two main applications and one for administrative functions.