Removing a User-developed application

The following procedure will remove a tablesONLINE/CICS User-developed application:

  1. Delete the following application tables from TBAPPLB.
    • xxxxMENU
    • xxxxDESC
    • xxxxMSGS
    • xxxxHELP
    • xxxxCMDS
    • xxxxPFKS
    • xxxxLIBR
    • Delete tables where xxxx is a 4 byte table prefix, used when the application was copied through TBOL admin.
    • NEVER delete tables that have a prefix of TBOL. We assume that tables with prefix TBOL were never modified when tablesONLINE/CICS was delivered, and that the tables were copied over instead.
    • To delete a particular application you can use TBDR to delete each table by:
      • doing an ML to TBAPPLB.
      • doing a CL of the specified table to close it from the TSR
      • doing an XT to eliminate the table from the library.
    • Before deleting any of the tables, please ensure that no other application ID, in the TBOLACT table (in TBACTLB), except the application you are trying to delete, uses any of the same table names in any of its rows.
    • If the table name is used in any other application ID, then DO NOT delete the table.
    • Delete the application rows from TBOLACT.
    • Delete the respective application rows from the TBOLACT table in TBACTLB.
    • Delete the application rows from TBOLM2M.
    • Delete the respective application rows from the TBOLM2M table in TBDICLB.