What This Guide Contains

Chapter 1 presents the default values for tableBASE parameters and explains how to change them if desired.

Chapter 2 shows how the Master Password for tableBASE tables is generated and used.

Chapter 3 demonstrates how to use the tableSPACE Reporting feature to generate usage statistics for tableBASE.

Chapter 4 explains how tableBASE users can write their own user exits.

Chapter 5 presents the Program Call Server feature of tableBASE, explains what it does, and shows the messages it will generate in a variety of circumstances.

Chapter 6 shows how to access tableBASE tables using DB2 Stored Procedures.

Chapter 7 provides information on how to tailor the IMS environment to accommodate tableBASE Version 7.

Chapter 8 provides information on how to tailor the CICS environment to accommodate tableBASE Version 7.

Chapter 9 discusses the administrative issues that arise when using DataKinetics VTS (Virtual Table Share) product with tableBASE.

Chapter 10 provides information on how to set up and maintain VTS-TSRs using the security features provided with the VTS Gate interface.

Chapter 11 lays out a detailed overview of the architecture of the DataKinetics tablesONLINE/CICS software product.

Chapter 12 covers security considerations for the tablesONLINE/CICS software product.

Chapter 13 shows how to use tablesONLINE/CICS to assist with the administration of your system when setting up new users, creating new applications, customizing your environment, and monitoring your system.

Chapter 14 contains information on optimizing and organizing the tableBASE environment that should be of interest to tableBASE administrators.

Chapter 15 identifies and describes the tableBASE diagnostics tools for the tableBASE administrator.

Appendix A lists and explains the tableBASE run-time option parameters.

Appendix B describes the initial set up of a tablesONLINE/CICS environment for a hypothetical organization.

Appendix C contains all of the DataKinetics tableBASE error codes and messages that can be encountered during the normal installation, administration and operation of the product.

Appendix D discusses the implementation and restart/recovery and other considerations of using the tableBASE PC Server in a CICS environment.