VTS-TSR refresh process

Since tables can be updated, closed, and reopened in the VTS-TSR by any region that accesses it, there may be no need for a separate refresh process in post Version 5 releases. However, if the VTS-TSR must be refreshed external to the applications which access it, DK1TDRV must now be used to implement the same functionality.

The VTS-TSR refresh process is, as it was in Version 5, the execution of a series of commands which may or may not include the RF command (refresh table). For more information on the RF command, see VTS commands and the chapter on “tableBASE commands” in the tableBASE Programming Guide.

Figure 29 shows example JCL for a job that refreshes a VTS-TSR—in this case, closing some tables and refreshing others. Note that all other tables in the VTS-TSR are not affected.

Figure 29. Sample JCL for VTS refresh
Sample JCL for VTS refresh