Write Protect View

The Write Protect View utility allows you to assign a write password for a View. It is not possible to assign a read password to a View. To assign a write password for a View, select Option 8 – WRITE PROTECT VIEW from the Utility menu (see Figure 150). The system displays the Change View Password screen (see Figure 159).

Figure 159. Change View Password Screen
Change View Password Screen

Insert the name of the View you wish to assign a password to, and the name of the library in which it resides. If the View is already protected by a write password, you must insert the current password in the Write Password field. Insert the new write password in the appropriate field. If you wish to remove an existing password from the table, insert an asterisk (*) in the New Write Password field.

Once you have completed all of the necessary information on this screen, press <PF2> to assign the write password to the View. A new generation of the View is created which can be accessed using the new password.