Transferring Directly to Another Application

Normally, tablesONLINE is terminated when the command CICS or its alias X is executed, or the <Clear> key is pressed. There may be situations when you wish to terminate tablesONLINE and transfer to another menu system or to pass control to another tablesONLINE session. To do so, blank out the transfer menu name and enter the literal TRSF in the Transfer menu Symbol field. This will cause tablesONLINE to activate the terminating transaction or program specified as Transfer Program or Transaction when the Dynamic View Suffix is blank.

Using TBDRIVC as the terminating program may be useful for diagnosing user exit programming, as it uses the standard 20-character DFHCOMMAREA protocol and, when finished, returns control to the point at which it was initiated. See the tableBASE Programming Guide for a full description of TBDRIVC.