tablesONLINE/CICS and tableBASE

tablesONLINE/CICS and tableBASE work together to provide the tools necessary to build applications and the tables with which these applications work. In some cases, these applications are constructed by the creation of customized tables, while in others they may require that application programs be written to make use of tableBASE and to interact with tables created in tablesONLINE.

Within a CICS environment, tableBASE and tablesONLINE provide the following ways to access tables created using tablesONLINE:

    tableBASE calls from within CICS programs

  • tablesONLINE
    Interactive table manipulation

    Interactive use of TBLBASE calls, mainly for testing. TBDRIVC can be called from tablesONLINE to create a complete, interactive table access facility.

TBCALLC and TBASEC are supported for backward compatibility with all tableBASE releases previous to Release 5.1.

Detailed information on the use of TBLBASE and TBDRIVC are provided in the tableBASE Programming Guide.