Move Rows

For any tables that have been set up with Random and User Ordered organizations, it is also possible to move rows within the table.

Table 133 lists the Move Row Line commands.

Table 133. Move Row Line Commands




Move this row.


Move to the position after this row.


Move to the position before this row.


Move a series of rows enclosed by two markers; i.e., place MM to the left of the first row to be moved and place MM again to the left of the last row to be moved.


Move n rows beginning with the marked row; where n is the number of rows from 1-999.

The MOVE command requires that the row(s) being moved be marked with an M (or MM or Mn) and that the destination be specified with either an A or a B. The line(s) that is being moved will be placed after a row labeled A or before a row labeled B. If no such label is given or if more than one is entered, an error message is given.

Once these commands have been entered, press <Enter> to complete the operation.