Library Table

tablesONLINE allows you to set up aliases for your tablesONLINE libraries. An alias is simply another name for a library that may be used in tablesONLINE more easily than the library dataset name. These aliases are stored in the Library table. To edit this table, select Option 7 – EDIT LIBR TABLE from the Application Developer’s menu and press <Enter>. This displays a screen where you can insert an alias. If this field is left blank, Figure 181 is displayed.

Figure 181. The Library Table Screen
The Library Table Screen

Entries in this table allow the use of simpler or descriptive names that you may use to identify libraries. Once an alias has been set up in this table, you may access that library using the alias. In the example above, there are three entries for MAINLIB. The first of these entries is echoed back on the Identification screen, once a library has been selected. The remaining entries provide alternative library names that may be entered on the library selection field to avoid the need to enter long library names.

Libraries may also be identified by DDNAME or DTFNAME, depending upon whether you are working in an MVS or VSE environment. You may also enter a number to access the appropriate library in your library authorization list in the Application Control Table.

Any DDNAME in the Application Control Table must have at least one corresponding entry in the TBOLLIBR table. If not done, a TB-5719 warning message results.