What You Should Know to Use this Guide

You should be familiar with an MVS or VSE environment, basic CICS sign-on procedures, and the content of the tableBASE Concepts and Facilities document.

There are terms used throughout the product documentation that are unique to tableBASE and tablesONLINE. These terms are identified and described below.

tableBASE and tablesONLINE term


Data Table

Refers to the raw data. Each Data Table has a table definition (DT-BLOCK) that is used to generate the Index for the Data Table.


An Index is defined for each Data Table. A Data Table Index is generated dynamically when a table is opened, based on the information in the table definition (DT-BLOCK).

Alternate Index

An Alternate Index is an Index that may be defined for a Data Table. The Alternate Index has an Alternate Index definition (ALT-DEFINITION) that defines the key, organization, and search order. Each Data Table may have as many Alternate Indexes as desired or none.

In addition, tablesONLINE has:




A View provides the field, edit, and display attributes for a Data Table with its Index.

Alternate Index View

An Alternate Index View is identical to a View, but applies to a Data Table with its Alternate Index.