Starting tablesONLINE

Access tablesONLINE by providing the appropriate CICS transaction code. TBOL is the default setting; however, you should consult your administrator to confirm the necessary code. Depending on your requirements, your system will be set up so that you will access a specific tablesONLINE menu on start-up. If you are an application developer, you will likely see a series of menus beginning with the Application Developer’s menu (see Figure 126).

Figure 126. Application Developer’s Menu
Application Developer's Menu

This initial menu is configurable within tablesONLINE by the system administrator. The menus can be modified so your initial menu may not appear exactly as shown. If you are an end user, the first menu that you see may be a tablesONLINE editing or browsing menu, or it may be a custom menu created by an application developer for the specific application you will be using.

Although menus are configurable, lines 1 and 2 of each menu are seldom changed. Line 1 contains the screen title. Line 2 is known as the command line; this is where you enter commands and other information to instruct tablesONLINE to perform a particular task.