U Update Row

Like the Select Row command, the U line command allows you to select a row for editing. However, in this case, you may be permitted to edit key fields, depending on the setting of the Protect Keys Indicator.

If you skipped the Edit/Browse Table screen by entering a row key on the Identify Table screen, this has the same effect as using theUline command on the Edit-Table screen.

Once the U line command has been specified, it will remain in effect until you change it. This allows you to place the cursor anywhere on the row; simply pressing <Enter> will invoke the command. Similarly, if a row is highlighted, it will be selected using the U line Command if the cursor remains on the command line.

If U was used to select a row to edit, and you then decide you would like to create a new row using this one as a template, you can make the desired changes. Simply enter NEW on the command line and press <Enter>. If you then decide you wish to leave the original row unchanged, press <PF12> to cancel. If you wish to accept the changes made in the original row, press either the <PF2> key to EXECUTE, or the <PF3> key to EXIT.