N Create New Row

This command allows you to create a new row in the table using an existing row as a template.

The N line command reads in an existing row and allows it to be modified. The existing row is unchanged and a new row is created with the modified information. Once the N line command has been specified, it will remain in effect until you change it. This allows you to place the cursor anywhere on the row and press <Enter> to invoke the command. Similarly, if a row is highlighted, it will be selected using the N line Command if the cursor remains on the command line.

The new row will be placed in the table according to key sequence. If the key is a duplicate of an existing key, the new row will be placed before the row containing the matching key. If you are editing a User Ordered or Random table or editing a View, the new row will be placed in the table or View one position below the currently selected row. In a user ordered table, if you wish to indicate a specific position for the new row you can insert NEW, followed by the desired row location, on the command line. For example, NEW 10 will create a new row and place it in the tenth position in the table.

If N was used to select a row to be used as a template for a new row, and you notice that there is an update required to the existing row once it is retrieved, you can make the desired changes, enter UPDATE on the command line, and press <Enter>. The row will be updated and you will remain on the same screen where you can continue with the creation of the new row.

If the Protect Keys Indicator is set to Y in the View, this operation will fail since this indicator prevents the creation of new rows. If the Duplicate Keys Allowed indicator in the View is set to N, or if the Duplicate Keys Allowed Indicator on the Identify Table/Row screen has been set to N, then any edit operation that would create a row with a key matching an existing row will fail.