Menu Navigation

To a menu screen, use the <Tab>, <Shift-Tab> and <Newline> keys.

To select an item from a menu, enter its number or symbol on the command line and press <Enter> or move the cursor to the desired menu item and press <Enter>.

Some menus contain more options than can be displayed on the terminal screen at one time. In these cases, the menu screen will display a message indicating that there are additional entries above or below the displayed entries, or both. You can scroll up or down to see the additional entries using the <PF7> and <PF8> keys (representing up and down respectively). You can also type the commands UP and DOWN directly on the command line and press <Enter>.

Scrolling is sensitive to the cursor position. To scroll a specific number of lines, type the desired number of lines on the command line and press <PF7> to scroll up, or <PF8> to scroll down.