Selecting a Table to Browse or Edit

Whether you are editing or browsing a table, you select the table in the same way. Begin the selection process on the Application Developer’s menu (Options A – EDIT TABLE and B – BROWSE TABLE). You will be presented with an Identify Table/Row screen Figure 129.

Figure 129. Identify Table/Row Screen
Identify Table/Row Screen

The display portion of the screen is divided into three sections. At the top of the screen, the table is identified using the Library Name, View library, Table Object Name and Generation. In the middle section, you would enter the key of the row you wish to see (assuming you know what the key is). At the bottom of the screen is a display indicating whether duplicate keys are allowed; this is an optional field whose presence is determined by the View.

You will notice that the fields in this screen already contain information about the last Table Object you worked on in tablesONLINE. If this is the Table Object that you wish to browse, press <Enter>. If you wish to browse or edit a different Table Object, you must modify the information contained in this screen as follows.