Generated Table Definition Information

The balance of the screen contains fields that have been generated by tableBASE. These are protected fields and cannot be modified by the user. The following is a brief description of each of these fields.

Table 161. Generated Table Definition Fields

Field Name



This field contains the date that the table generation was stored.


This field contains the time that the table generation was stored.

Library Dataset Name   

This field contains the name of the tableBASE dataset that contains the table.

Absolute Generation   

This field contains the absolute generation number for the table.

Relative Generation

This field contains the relative generation number for the table.

Generations Present

This field contains the number of generations of the table that currently exist.

Max Rows before Expansion   

This field indicates the maximum number of rows that the table may contain before it is expanded by tableBASE based on the number of rows and the expansion factor.


This field contains the DDNAME in the CICS start-up JCL for the tableBASE library.

User ID

This field contains the user ID of the person who last changed or stored the table.

Physical Data Table *

Not Active

Table Open Status *

Not Active

Alternate Index Indicator *

Not Active

* Since the Table Definition displayed is from the library and is not the definition of the table that may be open in the TSR, these fields only reflect the values of the library definitions.