Edit/Browse Table Screen

An Edit/Browse Table screen (see Figure 130) displays the rows of a table in a horizontal manner with field names displayed at the top of each column.

Figure 130. Edit Table Screen/Browse Table Screen
Edit Table Screen/Browse Table Screen

If no key was entered, the screen appears with the first row of the table at the top, as shown in the example. If a partial key was entered, or the search for a full key failed, the same screen appears but the positioning in the table is different. In a sequential table, the row after which the searched-for key would reside is placed in the second position from the top of the screen.

In many cases, all the information in your table will not fit on the terminal screen. The rows may be longer than the screen width and there may be more rows than will fit vertically on the screen. In these situations you can use any of tablesONLINE flexible navigation facilities to locate the information you require.