Create a New View

When you choose to define a new View, the first screen displayed when you select the Define View option on the Main menu allows you to specify the name of the new View and the library where you want that View to be stored Figure 134.

To create a new View, insert the name you wish to assign to the View in the View Name field and the name of the library where you wish that View to be stored in the View Library field and press <Enter>. Both the View name and the library name will initially be set to default values based on the last table and library you used in tablesONLINE. If the information in these fields is correct, leave it as it is; if not, make the necessary changes to the fields.

If you blank out the Library Name and press <Enter>, the default library for Views will be inserted in the View Library field. If you move the cursor to the View Library field and press <PF1> for help, a list of available View Libraries will be displayed. From this list, you can select a library with the S (SELECT) line command to move that library name into the View Library field. The generation field will automatically be set to zero (0) for a new View.

Figure 134. Identify a View Screen
Identify a View Screen

tablesONLINE checks to ensure that a View with this name does not already exist in the library and asks you to confirm that you wish to create a new View. Do so by inserting NEW in the command line and pressing <Enter>.

tablesONLINE moves you to the Edit-Row screen (see Figure 135) where the fields that will make up the table can be defined. The next section, Define Fields in a View, describes how to define table fields.