Copy Table

The Copy Table utility allows you to copy an existing table within the same library or to another library. To copy a table, select Option 1 – COPY TABLE from the Utility menu to proceed to the Copy Table screen (see Figure 152).

Figure 152. Copy Table Screen
Copy Table Screen

Insert the name of the table you wish to copy and the name of the library in which it resides. If the table is protected by a password, you must insert the password in the Password field. Only one generation of the table is copied to the new table. By default this is the current generation. If you wish to copy a previous generation, simply change the Generation field to the number of the desired generation. To copy the table within a library, leave the New Library Name field blank and enter a New Table Name. To copy the table to another library, enter the new library name. You do not have to insert a new table name if you wish the copied table to have the same name as the original table.

If you wish to change the table name, simply insert the new name in the New Table Name field. If the new table name already exists in the library you are copying the table to, you have the option of replacing the existing table. To do this, you must set the Replace Option to Y and supply the password for the target table, if it is password protected.

If you have inserted a table name and relied on tablesONLINE to insert the proper library name in the Library Name field, you should press <Enter> before pressing <PF2>. This allows you to verify that the defaults have been correctly resolved before the copy command is executed.

Once you have completed all of the necessary information in this screen, press <PF2>.