Define Data Table

Once the row layout and the table access controls have been completed, the next task is to define the physical table attributes such as organization and search method. This is done on the Table Definition screen (see Figure 139).

Figure 139. Table Definition Screen
Table Definition Screen

For ease of reading all the fields of the Table Definition screen (Figure 139) are shown as one screen. However, in reality, the fields are spread over multiple screens; to view each screen use the scroll keys, <PF7> and <PF8>, to move back and forth between the screens.

In order to prevent accidental changes from occurring, the following precautions have been put in place:

  • The <End> key has no effect on this screen except to exit from it.
  • The <Enter> key updates the screen only. If the library name and/or View name have been changed, then the definition of the newly specified table is displayed.
The <PF2> key is required to change the table definition. Before pressing <PF2>, press <Enter> and to verify that the screen has no errors.