Specifying a Row Key

If the information contained in the Identify Table/Row screen (see Figure 129) when you first enter is correct, the bottom of the screen will display field names that represent the key fields. If you have modified the information in this screen to select a different table to browse, you must press <Enter> to refresh the screen to display the key fields of the newly specified table.

In either of the cases described above, you can insert either the full key or a partial key for a row in the table you wish to edit. If you do not specify a key, the table will be opened for browse or edit with the first row in the table at the top of the screen.

Once you have completed all of the information in this screen, press <Enter> to display the Edit/Browse Table screen (see Figure 130).

If a row key is given and an exact match for it is found on the table, then the Edit/Browse Table screen (see Figure 130) is skipped and the Edit/Browse Row screen (see Figure 131) is brought up immediately. Otherwise, the Edit/Browse Table screen with its multi-row display comes up so that you can select a row.