Delete View

The Delete View utility allows you to delete a View. If you wish to delete all generations of a View, you must delete each generation individually using this utility. This utility is often used to remove a corrupt generation of a View and revert to an earlier version.

To delete a View, select Option 4 – DELETE VIEW from the Utility menu. The system displays the Delete View screen (see Figure 155).

Figure 155. Delete View Screen
Delete View Screen

Insert the name of the View you wish to delete and the name of the library in which it resides. If the View is protected by a password, you must insert the password in the password field.

Once you have completed all of the necessary information in this screen, press <PF2> to delete the specified View.

If you have inserted a View name and relied on tablesONLINE to insert the proper library name in the Library Name field, you should press <Enter> before pressing <PF2>. This allows you to verify that the defaults have been correctly resolved before the delete command is executed.