Invalid Data Handling

If invalid data is entered in a field during editing, you will not be able to leave the current edit screen. The incorrect field remains on the screen so that it can be corrected. If there is invalid data in the table when tablesONLINE loads it (this can occur only if the table was not created by tablesONLINE or if field definitions were changed between storing data with tablesONLINE and reading it), then the field containing the invalid data is displayed with a row of asterisks in the data area.

In either of these cases, an error code appears to the left of the field name label and a message will appear at the top of the screen. The error code has two parts: a letter to indicate the type of error, and a number used to match errors on this screen with corresponding messages on the Help screen. The possible error message codes are listed in Table 134.

Table 134. Error Message Codes

Error Code










tablesONLINE requires that you correct any errors in edited fields before any additional input will be accepted. The UP, DOWN and FINDFLD commands will not work until all of the fields currently displayed contain valid data. Press <Enter> to check the validity of current screen data without attempting to scroll.