TSRACCESS—Read Only (RO) or Read Write (RW) TSR Access

Specifies whether a VTS-TSR will have Read-Only or Read-Write access.

This option is only available in the tableBASE VTS Gate interface.

The following is a description of each parameter value:

  • RO (Read-Only) indicates that:
    1. only authorized batch programs will be allowed to perform tableBASE update commands on the VTS-TSR, if the VTS has been switched to a RW state
    2. tableBASE commands that do not update the VTS will be allowed without any special authorizations.
  • RW (Read-Write) indicates that all tableBASE commands are allowed on this VTS-TSR.

The delivered default is RW.

This option cannot be modified using the TBOPT DD statement. It can only be modified using the DK1V1134 source provided and relinking DK1VBASE. For more details on how to override the default, please see the chapter on “Installing the VTS Gate product” in the tableBASE Installation Guide.

For a list of tableBASE command categories, please refer to the tableBASE Programming Guide.