Step 3: Verify recommended security considerations

The following datasets should be available from the installation media depending on the products which your site has licensed. All datasets should be available for update by the installer(s) and those who apply product updates.

Depending on the tableBASE products that your site has licensed, you may not have all of the following datasets.

The following datasets should be available for read to everyone. The first two include members which only the administrator would use:

  • your.prefix.CNTL
  • your.prefix.LOAD
  • your.prefix.TBSYSLB

If your.prefix.LOAD is not to be APF-authorized, the following dataset must be created and authorized for the PC Server jobs and the VTS Agent jobs as required:

  • your.prefix.authlib

The following datasets, if they are present, are application datasets and should be available for write to everyone as it is intended for update by users of tableBASE:

  • your.prefix.MAINLIB
  • your.prefix.TBACTLB
  • your.prefix.TBAPPLB
  • your.prefix.TBDICLB

If you are licensed for tablesONLINE/ISPF, users should be granted read access to the following datasets. The installer and administrator should be granted write access.

  • your.prefix.CLIST
  • your.prefix.MESSAGES
  • your.prefix.PANELS
  • your.prefix.SKELETON
  • your.prefix.TABLE

The following datasets are used only by the system installer or system administrator:

  • your.prefix.SRC
  • your.prefix.UPGRDLB
To perform configuration, initialization and administration tasks, see the tableBASE Administration Guide.