TSR_KEY_PROTECT—Hardware Key Protection for VTS-TSRs

Specifies whether a VTS-TSR is hardware key-protected.

This option is only available in the tableBASE VTS Gate interface.

The following is a description of each parameter value:

  • 1 to 7 indicates that:
    1. hardware key-protection is active
    2. the TSRACCESS option for the VTS will automatically be set to RO if not specified (see TSRACCESS—Read Only (RO) or Read Write (RW) TSR Access)
    3. STROBEMETHOD must be set to 3 (see STROBEMETHOD—Strobe Method) and tableBASE strobe reports for the VTS will be displayed by minute intervals instead of by call count
    4. only authorized batch programs will be allowed to perform tableBASE update commands on the VTS-TSR, if the VTS has been switched to a RW state
    5. tableBASE commands that do not update the VTS will be allowed without any special authorizations.
  • 0 indicates that hardware key-protection is off. The VTS-TSR behaves as it did in previous releases.

The delivered default for this parameter is 0.

This option cannot be modified using the TBOPT DD statement. It can only be modified using the DK1V1134 source provided and relinking DK1VBASE. For more details on how to override the default, please see the chapter on “Installing the VTS Gate product” in the tableBASE Installation Guide.

For more details on hardware key-protection features, please refer to the tableBASE Programming Guide and the tableBASE Administration Guide.