Specifies whether this region will allow multiple subtasks to access tableBASE.

This option can only be specified for the tableBASE batch interface. All other environments are multitasking in their nature, and will not accept this option.

The MULTITASKING option can be set to Y to allow multiple subtasks within a region to access tableBASE concurrently. Each subtask may have multiple concurrent subtasks of its own, with no limit to the level of multitasking. The delivered default is N (multitasking not enabled).

This option applies to this region’s users, regardless of which TSR they access.

  1. If a batch application attempts to issue a tableBASE command from a second TCB with Multitasking=N, it will abend with an S0C3 and display message: “DK100496E Multitasking requires TBOPT Multitasking=Y be set”.
  2. Please call DataKinetics Technical Support for assistance when writing applications that access tableBASE in a multitasking environment.