Installing the VTS Gate product

This chapter covers the installation for VTS Gate.

Before you install the DataKinetics VTS Gate software product, review the information in Installation overview.

In order to perform the steps in this chapter, you must have first installed the VTS product. The installation for the VTS product was covered under Installing the VTS (Virtual Table Share) product.

With the VTS product having been installed, VTS Gate installation consists mainly of customizing parameters for the operation of VTS Agent using various security features. Specifically, VTS Gate allows the VTS Agent to be started up in Read-only mode, to be hardware key protected or to be SAF interface protected.

This chapter provides some examples on how to start up and load a VTS-TSR using VTS Gate security features and validate that the VTS is functioning with the required features. For further details on the implementation and operation of VTS Gate, see the tableBASE Administration Guide and the tableBASE Programming Guide.