DK1TLCHK utility

The Library Version Identification Utility, DK1TLCHK, is a diagnostic tool used to identify the version number of, and any structural problems with a tableBASE library (see sample JCL in your.prefix.CNTL).

It may be used if a tableBASE application encounters an error or abend 0062 (version incompatibility error), or an S001 abend (non-compatible versions of tableBASE attempting to access a Version 6 or Bridge Library).

Compatible versions of code and libraries are described in Table 7. Other combinations will produce errors. For example, Version 6 code trying to read a Version 5 library, will return error code 62; Version 5.0.2 or 5.1 code trying to read a Bridge or Version 6 library will abend with a S001.

The JCL to run DK1TLCHK is:

Figure 18. Sample DK1TLCHK