Step 5—Create CICS definitions for tableBASE programs and transactions

Create CICS definitions for each tableBASE program and transaction accessed under CICS.

If tableBASE is called dynamically with a CICS link, and autoinstall (SIT:PGAIPGM=ACTIVE) is not used then TBLBASE (and any other tableBASE CICS APIs such as TBCALLC, TBASEC and TBROOTC used in your application programs) must be defined in the CSD. If the tableBASE calls are through MVS, then MVS will resolve them and the CICS definitions are not required.

The member TBASE60 in your.prefix.SRC contains the CSD instructions for defining tableBASE programs and transactions to CICS.

  1. It is important that the modules marked resident remain marked resident; this is part of the tableBASE architecture and any changes will result in product failure. (These are DK1TNAME, DK1TNUCL, DK1TROTC and DK1CBASE.)
  2. Programs DK1TCIN and DK1TSHUT must be defined as quasi-reentrant on the CONCURRENCY attribute of the program resource definition.
  3. tableBASE programs must be defined in the CSD; they cannot be auto-installed. This is because some tableBASE programs are loaded by the PLTPI program, DK1TCIN, using EXEC CICS SET…PHASEIN and this is  not supported by autoinstall.