HASH_HI_DEN_LIM—High Density Limit for Hash Indexes

HASH_LOW_DEN_LIM and HASH_HI_DEN_LIM limit the density of the index for a hash table opened using Version 6 and higher releases. These values are designed to prevent performance problems which can occur when inappropriately high values are used when defining hash tables (can result in a lot of key collisions in the table). Other problems occur if the difference between low and high density values is too small. A ratio of 2/3 is now enforced: Low density may not be greater than 2/3 of high density.

HASH_HI_DEN_LIM=nnn must be between 100 and 900 (10% and 90%); the default is 900. We recommend the value be lowered to 500.

This option applies to this region’s users, regardless of which TSR they access. (An exception to this is a situation where a Release 6.0.3 or higher release application accesses a Release 6.0.2 or lower release VTS-TSR—in this case the region’s density limits are ignored.)

This option can be specified for all tableBASE interfaces except the VTS interface.