Installation overview

The Version 7 tableBASE software is available for z/OS environments running on 64-bit hardware which supports instructions that are provided with the z10-EC processor or higher. The base product consists of the tableBASE nucleus and the batch component.

Optional DataKinetics products are available to interface tableBASE software with the IBM transaction servers, IMS TM, CICS and WLM-managed DB2 SPAS. Other available products include VTS (Virtual Table Share), VTS Gate and tablesONLINE.

The VTS software provides an environment to share tables across regions, significantly increasing performance. VTS Gate provides enhanced security for the VTS software using SAF interface security (provided by products such as ACF2, RACF, and Top Secret) or hardware-key protection of a VTS-TSR. The tablesONLINE software is a completely menu-driven 3270-based online editor for the tableBASE system.

This chapter covers the information needed to install the tableBASE software and its optional products. All sites receive the tableBASE batch/TSO component, which is the base product. Optional tableBASE products are:

  • IMS TM Interface
  • CICS Interface
  • DB2 SPAS
  • VTS (Virtual Table Share)
  • VTS Gate
  • tablesONLINE/CICS
  • tablesONLINE/ISPF