Upgrade 3—Create new TBAPPLB library

If you are upgrading from Release 4.0, run the job TBOL603 in your.prefix.CNTL. If you are upgrading from Release 5.x, run job TBOL604 or TBOL604V if you are using VSAM libraries in your.prefix.CNTL. Modify the JCL in either of these members to conform to your installation standards.

The job creates a new library by copying the tables from your Release 5.x library. The TBOLPROF table will be upgraded to the current level.

In past installation procedures, temporary tables used for upgrading the TBAPPLB libraries and tables used in tableBASE educational programs were automatically downloaded to the customized TBAPPLB libraries of the customer. In order to simplify library usage and reduce storage requirements, included with each job are the DELETE control statements to remove these unnecessary tables.

Finally, this step produces a directory listing of all the tables remaining in the TBAPPLB library. This directory listing is used to prepare the next three steps: Upgrade 4—Update description tables, Upgrade 5—Update menu tables and Upgrade 6—Update message tables.

If your CICS regions are currently running with tableBASE Bridge, before proceeding with the following upgrade steps, please contact tableBASE Support for clarification on the release level that you will be upgrading from.