Step 9—Customize CICS startup JCL

Customize your CICS start-up JCL (in the job TBASE.CNTL(CICSJCL)) to include:

  • access to the tableBASE load library your.prefix.LOAD (or the load library to which the modules have been moved in the previous step)
  • the tableBASE library your.prefix.TBSYSLB unloaded from the product media
  • any other tableBASE libraries used by your online applications
  • If the TBOPT dataset is to be used, see the CICS chapter in the tableBASE Administration Guide.
All tableBASE libraries may be allocated with DISP=SHR.
To reference an existing tableBASE library, use this JCL as a pattern:

//DDNAME       DD    DSN=your.prefix.MAINLIB,DISP=SHR

Each tableBASE library is identified by a unique DDNAME. You may not associate more than one DDNAME with the same tableBASE library. Multiple libraries cannot be concatenated using a single DD statement. The tableBASE ML command is available for logically concatenating libraries.