Step 4—Create CICS definitions for tableBASE libraries

Create CICS definitions for each tableBASE library accessed under CICS:

  • member DFHFCTBD in your.prefix.SRC contains macro instructions for defining BDAM files
  • member TBASE60V in your.prefix.SRC contains CICS System Definition (CSD) resource definitions for defining VSAM files

In addition to MAINLIB, you may include an entry for each additional tableBASE table library to be referenced under CICS.

Define all tableBASE libraries in CICS as NON RECOVERABLE. This is accomplished with LOG=NO on the FCT for any tableBASE table library or RECOVERY(NONE) on the CSD. Additional information is contained under Notes and restrictions.

Ensure that any tableBASE BDAM libraries are defined using the DFHFCT macros. BDAM datasets cannot be defined as resource definitions in the CSD dataset.