Step 8—Update binder procedure to use new TBLBASE API

The your.prefix.LOAD library contains aliases TBASEC, TBCALLC and MAINROOT for the TBLBASE interface program. Although the tableBASE interface module was renamed to DK1TCALL in Version 6, the TBLBASE alias remains the standard interface name.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of tableBASE and your applications called these earlier versions of the tableBASE interface programs, either statically or dynamically, they will continue to work without having to recompile or relink your applications.

If you wish to convert existing tableBASE/CICS applications to the TBLBASE API or to create new tableBASE/CICS applications using the TBLBASE API, then you must ensure that these applications use the version of the API in the Version 7 your.prefix.LOAD and not a version in any other load library. Please update the CICS binder procedure accordingly.