The system table, TBOLMRO, is supplied in the tablesONLINE system library (TBSYSLB). This table is to be modified only if tablesONLINE is to be installed in more than one Application Owning Region (AOR) in the MRO/ISC complex. It contains information required to set up tablesONLINE to operate in CICS/MRO. This table is updated as part of the tablesONLINE installation process in a CICS/MRO environment.

TBOLMRO is a reserved table name which may not be used as a table name by a user in tableBASE/CICS. When installing tablesONLINE for CICS/MRO, customize and run the JCL supplied in TBASE.CNTL (TBOLMRO). Instructions for customizing this JCL are supplied as comments in the data set member (TBOLMRO). This job will update the TBOLMRO table with the required table items.

The existence of an item in the TBOLMRO table with the CICS APPLID of the AOR will determine if tablesONLINE has been installed to operate in a CICS/MRO complex. If the TBOLMRO table does not contain an item with the APPLID of the AOR, then tablesONLINE will operate as if it were installed in a stand-alone CICS region.

The first time tablesONLINE/CICS is invoked in an AOR, it will determine the CICS transaction IDs, in the operating CICS region, for all of its pseudo-conversational transactions by referring to the TBOLMRO table. This process is done only once, therefore, an error in setting up the TBOLMRO table will require the CICS AOR to be recycled.

A View and an empty Data Table are distributed so that tablesONLINE can also be used to edit the TBOLMRO table.