Conventions used in this guide

This guide uses certain conventions to differentiate code and typed commands, to display the names of parameters, and to describe specific version and release levels of the tableBASE product.



code examples and commands

Code examples and commands appear in this type of font: this is an example of the font.


Names of parameters appear in upper case simply for ease of reading; actual case used is upper or lower or a mixture.


Following IBM standards, the term version refers to a generation of a software product that has significant new code or new functionality. Version is a more general term than release. For example, Version 6 includes Release 6.1 and Release 6.2, and is equivalent to Release 6.x.


Following IBM standards, the term release refers to a program or set of programs which represent a specific revision to the base version of a software product. For example, Release 6.0 is a term that is used to identify the first release of Version 6. Subsequent releases made available under the Version 6 umbrella, such as Release 6.1, will provide additional revisions to the base product.

Modification Level

Following IBM standards, the term modification level refers to the application of specific program enhancements and error corrections to the release of a software product. For example, Release 6.0.3 is at modification level 3, and Release 6.1.0 is at modification level 0.


MVS is a generic term which is used when referring to z/OS and other related IBM operating systems.