Step 5—Confirm successful IMS Interface install

Ensure that the tableBASE PC Server has been installed and is running on the same LPAR as this component. If the PC Server is not running at the time that the tableBASE software initializes, the transaction which issues the tableBASE call will abend and you will see the following error message in the JES message log:

DK100266S tableBASE PC Server unavailable.

To verify a successful install of the IMS TM interface:

  • Prepare or modify a simple IMS transaction to include a call to TBLBASE, for example, use an LS command to return the current status switch settings.
  • Prepare a TBOPT file with at least this parameter — LISTOPTIONS=Y.
  • Try your transaction.
  • Examine the MPR’s JES Log using the System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) for various start-up messages from tableBASE system that show the active runtime options. This is an indication that tableBASE has initialized successfully and is ready for subsequent calls from your transactions.