Step 11—Change system abends to task abends

This step is recommended for any CICS regions that access a tableBASE VTS-TSR. If the VTS-TSR region is cancelled or abends there is a chance that CICS tasks would fail. The failure is displayed (or listed) as an MVS S01D or S067abend. These two abends bring down the entire CICS region. They can be converted to Task (rather than System) abends by updating the CICS region System Recovery table (SRT).

  • Review the SRT information in the CICS documentation section of the IBM manual, Resource Definition Guide, to determine if it is possible to revise the SRT at your site.
  • Check if the abend codes are already in the SRT used by your CICS region’s start-up parameters (SIT).
  • If the abend codes are present do not continue.
  • If the abend code is not present and you wish to add the codes then:
  • Alter the job DFHSRTTB in the library TBASE.CNTL to meet your installation requirement (see Figure 9).
Figure 9. Sample SRT job
Sample SRT job

  • Submit the job to assemble and link the new SRT containing the entries S01D and S067.
  • Alter the start-up parameters (SIT) for each CICS region to use the revised SRT.