Step 9—Confirm successful install

Ensure that the tableBASE PC Server has been installed and is running on the same LPAR as this component. If the PC Server is not running at the time that the tableBASE software initializes, the job which issues the tableBASE call will abend and you will see the following error message in the JES message log:

DK100201S tableBASE PC Server unavailable.

Modify and execute the batch validation job:

  • Modify the job statements and names in: your.prefix.CNTL(VALIDATE).
  • Execute this job. (Confirm success return code.)
    Also, verify that your banner information is in the TBMSG output.

This job tests the command executor (TBDRIVER) and the tableBASE batch utility (TBEXEC). As the job leaves no permanent changes, it may be run at any time to confirm that the base product is operational.