Step 10—Confirm successful CICS Interface install

Ensure that the tableBASE PC Server has been installed and is running on the same LPAR as this component. If the PC Server is not running at the time that the tableBASE software initializes, the transaction which issues the tableBASE call will abend and you will see the following error message in the JES message log:

DK100567E The tableBASE PC Server must be running for tableBASE to initialize.

Once the CICS region has been successfully started, verify the installation of the CICS interface.

  • Sign on to CICS.
  • On a clear screen enter the transaction TBDR.
  • Press <ENTER>. The tableBASE CICS Driver screen is displayed. You are now able to enter tableBASE and DRIVER commands.
  • On the first line of the tableBASE CICS Driver screen, enter the command PR and the table name EXAMPLE.
  • Press <ENTER>. The data is displayed on the screen.
  • On the first line of the screen, try a BN command. The client name and the tableBASE release level will be displayed. This should confirm that you have successfully installed the correct release of tableBASE.



the installation is successful

pressing <PF3> terminates the CICS DRIVER

the installation was unsuccessful

contact tableBASE Customer Support for help

For more details on the operation of the CICS DRIVER, see the tableBASE Programming Guide.