TBRPT report

The TBRPT report prints selected tables and their related definitions in character format, hexadecimal format, or both. To print columnar-style reports based on the formatting information contained in the Views, see Table printing utility: TBPRINT (DK1TPTBL).

Figure 114 to Figure 118 are samples of the reports produced by TBEXEC.

Figure 114 and Figure 115 are samples of update logs produced by TBEXEC when an UPDATE command is executed. Each log contains the key of each record on an update file and the action taken with each record. Two logs are produced if an UPDATE command uses both the WITH and REMOVE files.

Sample tableBASE update log report, with additions
Figure 114. Sample tableBASE update log report, with additions

Sample tableBASE update log report, with deletions
Figure 115. Sample tableBASE update log report, with deletions

Figure 116 shows a sample directory listing produced by TBEXEC for the tableBASE library TESTLIB, which is on the dataset SYS03309.T104402.RA000.DKLS04X.LIB. As shown, the library contains only the three generations of TBL01, and lists their creation date. The report indicates the number of blocks allocated to the library and how many remain for additional tables. By default, each block contains 3120 characters of information, which can be set to a different value when the library is defined.

Possible values for table type:

  • blank Data table
  • VIEW View
tableBASE directory listing
Figure 116. tableBASE directory listing

Figure 117 and Figure 118 are samples that show the definition and contents of table TBL01.

Figure 117 is a summary report that identifies: table type, absolute generation number, date created (YYYY/MM/DD), and time created (HH:MM) for each table generation in the library.

Sample tableBASE table definition report
Figure 117. Sample tableBASE table definition report

The following information is provided reading from left to right on the report:

  • absolute generation number
  • maximum number of generations
  • number of generations currently on the library
  • relative generation number
  • creation date and time
  • actual number of rows
  • estimate number of rows for which space is allocated when loaded in the TSR
  • table organization
  • table search method
  • True or Pointer table type
  • storage mode code (obsolete)
  • if read and write passwords have been used
    READ/WRITE indicates password security; it does not identify the type of password security (RO, R/W); NONE indicates no password security. (See example in Figure 117)
  • row size
  • key length
  • key location
  • expansion factor
  • upper density
  • lower density
  • actual density of Hash tables
  • the version of the View (if this table is a View)
  • the user id
  • associated View name if specified
Views are part of tablesONLINE, an optional tableBASE component.

Figure 118 shows the contents of one generation of a table in character format. It shows:

  • the name of the table being printed TBLO1
  • the library where it resides.

The definition of the generation being printed is displayed in the same format described above.

Sample tableBASE table contents report
Figure 118. Sample tableBASE table contents report

For each line output, the location indicates the position within the row at which printing begins. It is possible for longer rows to require several lines to report.