Option 2: export a specific table


TBL=(table name)
TTYPE=(tablename conversion—blank/V)
LIB=(library name)
PSWD=(read password/write password);

Required keyword

Required keyword
Required keyword


The latest generation of the table will be copied to the file defined in the DDNAME specified in the TO keyword field. The output dataset specified in the TO keyword should be defined as a sequential dataset (DSORG=PS) containing fixed-length records that are 512 bytes in length.

If multiple tables are to be exported to the same DDNAME, the EXPORT by Table control cards MUST be grouped together. The DDNAME specified will be closed when a different DDNAME is specified in the TO keyword field on any subsequent EXPORT command and at the end of the TBEXEC processing for all commands. Thus if an EXPORT to a previously referenced DDNAME occurs tableBASE will re-open the output file and start from the beginning. Any data that was put in the file previously will be overwritten.

If the table is password protected, the PSWD keyword with the appropriate password must be used. The PSWD keyword with the master password will allow all password protected tables to be exported.