LOAD command

The LOAD command loads a table from a sequential dataset (DSORG=PS) into a tableBASE library, creating a new generation of the table. To perform this function, the table must already exist.


TBL=(table name)
TTYPE=(table name conversion – blank/V)
LIB=(library name)
GEN=(generation number)
PSWD=(write password)
STARTREC=(record number at which loading starts)
RECCOUNT=(maximum number of records to be loaded)
STARTBYT=(byte within each record at which loading starts);

Required keyword

Required keyword

Default is YES


If PSWD is the correct write password, a new generation of the named table is created from the records of the dataset connected to the DDNAME of the FROM parameter. The definition of the generation specified determines how the data is stored. STARTREC and RECCOUNT can be used to control the records loaded; STARTBYT can be used to control the portion of each record loaded. The number of loaded rows is displayed.