Option 1: change the definition of a table

Option 1 (see Table 94) is indicated by the keyword TBL. Changes made to the definition can cause the contents to be physically reorganized. If the table named is an Alternate Index, changes that affect the Alternate Index definition are made to the Alternate Index definition; changes that do not affect the Alternate Index definition are not made anywhere even if they appear to be successful.


TBL=(table name)
TTYPE=(table name conversion – blank/V)
LIB=(library name)
GEN=(generation number)
PSWD=(write password)
MAXGEN=(new max. no. of generations)
SMC=(storage mode code – R)
ISZ=(new row size)
KSZ=(new key size)
KLOC=(new key location)
RPSWD=(new read password/*)
WPSWD=(new write password/*)
UCOMMENT=(new user comments/*)
UPPERDEN=(new upper density)
LOWERDEN=(new lower density)
EXPFACTR=(new expansion factor);

Required keyword

all tables are P internally in Version 6
not required in Version 6


If a table’s password and write password match, the generation indicated will be opened and changed according to the specified keywords. It is then stored as a new generation. Previous generations will be aged according to normal generation practice.

The existing read and write passwords can be removed by setting RPSWD=* and WPSWD=*.