Option 2: print table information

The Print Table Information option (Table 94) of the PRINT command lists a table definition. This option is indicated by the keyword DEF.


DEF=(table name)
TTYPE=(table name conversion – blank/V)
LIB=(library name);

Required keyword

PRINT DEF will print the definition if the table has a READ password; PRINT TBL will not print anything for a password-protected table, unless the password is supplied on the PRINT command.

The following table information is printed for each generation of the named table that resides in the specified tableBASE library:

  • absolute generation number
  • the maximum number of generations to be retained
  • number of generations existing at present
  • relative generation number
  • date and time created
  • number of rows in the table
  • number of rows allocated in the table
  • table organization
  • table search method
  • index code
  • storage mode code (obsolete, printed for reference)
  • level of password protection
    READ/WRITE indicates password security; it does not identify the type of password security (RO, R/W); NONE indicates no password security. (See example in Figure 122)
  • row size
  • key length
  • key location
  • expansion factor
  • upper density
  • lower density
  • actual density of the table
  • View version
  • user id that last stored the table
  • View name of an associated View
Views are a function of tablesONLINE, an optional tableBASE component.