TBEXEC (DK1TEXEC) commands

In this chapter, a brief summary of each command is presented, followed by an alphabetical listing of the parameters used in the TBEXEC commands. The chapter concludes with a detailed definition of each command.

The TBEXEC (DK1TEXEC) program is a tableBASE batch utility program that allows users to perform a variety of maintenance functions for tableBASE libraries and tables. This chapter identifies and describes each of the available commands and provides examples of how they are used.

Use the TBEXEC program to manipulate tableBASE libraries. These libraries reside on external devices and must be initialized by TBEXEC, tablesONLINE/ISPF, or a batch program that calls tableBASE. A tableBASE library has a directory that allows for nine generations of each table.

The TBEXEC program manages the tables that are placed in tableBASE libraries, keeping track of the characteristics of each table, such as the number of rows in the table, the row size, and its table organization. Defining, copying, loading, unloading, and clearing a table are functions easily performed by TBEXEC using keyword commands.

TBEXEC does not work with or use VTS-TSRs, and it cannot be run with the multi-tasking switch (MULTITASKING=Y) turned on.

If passwords are forgotten, TBEXEC can make a date-variable Master Password facility available that allows access to tableBASE tables. DataKinetics Ltd. has supplied details of the operation of the Master Password facility to your tableBASE administrator in the tableBASE Administration Guide.

TBEXEC accepts only DDnames that are alphanumeric, and conform to standard IBM naming conventions.