Table printing utility: TBPRINT (DK1TPTBL)

The Table Print Utility, TBPRINT (DK1TPTBL), is used to print formatted columnar listings using the formatting information contained in Views, used by tablesONLINE/CICS and tablesONLINE/ISPF. The utility differs from the TBEXEC PRINT command which is intended to supply whole or partial table dumps both in character and hexadecimal formats.

This chapter describes TBPRINT input parameters, shows a variety of printed examples, and ends with an example of TBPRINT execution in JCL.

This utility has free-format input using keywords that invoke print functions. Some keywords may be followed by one or more values; others invoke print functions by themselves. The general format is:

PRINT KEYWORD value[,value] . . . KEYWORD;

The keywords may be entered in any sequence. Should keywords be repeated in the same PRINT statement, the last occurrence of the keyword will be used. The semicolon is a terminating character for the PRINT statement. Many PRINT requests may be entered in the same input.

Views are a function of tablesONLINE, an optional tableBASE component.